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European Experience of small-scale and on-farm AD - WR1119

This project aims to summarize experiences and lessons from the use of small-scale and on-farm AD systems in Europe, with a net rated thermal input of 0.15MW to 0.40 MW.
1. Identification of a representative sample of relevant plants in Europe that deal with various wastes or combinations of wastes. The following wastes should be considered although this is not an exhaustive list:
a. Manure
b. Slurry
c. Plant waste
d. Food waste
e. Paper and cardboard

2. For each of the plants identified, collect data on the following:
a. Type of AD system used and residency time
b. Type and proportions of feedstock and throughput of plant (in
c. Amount of digestate and biogas produced
d. End use of digestate and biogas
e. Subsidy schemes used (if any)
f. Operational issues (e.g. related to feedstock, outputs, emissions) and
mitigation actions taken

3. Compile and analyse the data collected to provide answers to the following:
a. What is the relationship between the quantity of feedstock and the
amount of biogas/energy produced? How does this compare if the
feedstock changes (i.e. from manures and slurries to a wider range of
feedstock e.g. to include food waste) and for alternative AD systems
and residency times?
b. Based on the relationship between feedstock quantity and biogas/energy
production, is there an optimum size for on-farm AD and/or small-scale
AD units, taking account of the range of feedstocks observed?
c. What operational problems have been encountered and what solutions
have been applied to overcome them? What would be the implications of
these issues in the UK context?

4. Compile and analyse data on emissions from on-farm and small-scale AD sites to determine the relationship between the size of the plant and emission levels.
Project Documents
• Final Report : WR1119 European experience of small-scale and on-farm AD - SID5 Final Report   (121k)
• Executive Summary : WR1119 Executive Summary   (213k)
• Technical Report : WR1119 European experience of small-scale and on-farm AD - Final Report (Full)   (1886k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2010

Cost: £37,437
Contractor / Funded Organisations
SLR Consulting Ltd
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Managing residual waste in landfill              
Residual Wastes Management              
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Fields of Study
Waste Management