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Reducing herbicide use in row crops with new targeted application methods treating detected weeds in bands or spots. - HL01102

To develop and demonstrate weed detection methods and novel spray application technologies that will enable the delivery of herbicides with high spatial precision suitable for targeted applications to control a wide range of weed species in a range of row crops using spray characteristics appropriate to the effective use of new and existing formulations. The work will aim to achieve high levels of weed control with the minimum risk of crop damage and residues and with substantial reductions in herbicide use delivering environmental benefits when compared with alternative and conventional approaches.
Project Documents
• Abstract : HL01102 Abstract   (18k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2012

Cost: £181,030
Contractor / Funded Organisations
F B Parrish & Son, Monsanto UK Ltd, NIAB/TAG Group, Garford Farm Machinery, Newton Farms, Allium and Brassica Centre Limited, Hypro EU Ltd., Robydome Electronics, Tillett and Hague Technology Ltd, A Findlay and Partners, Allpress Farms Ltd, British Beet Research Organisation, British Potato Council, Horticultural Development Council