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Demonstration Test Catchments: Secretariat, conceptual modelling and coordination - WQ0209

The DTC secretariat and conceptual modelling function will support the Demonstration Test Catchments platform (projects WQ0210, WQ0211, WQ0212 and WQ0225) through coordination, conceptual modelling and knowledge exchange activities. The main aims are to catalyse interdisciplinary working across the platform, facilitate linkages between research groups, draw additional work onto the platform, and synthesise and communicate emerging findings. These will be delivered through activities including:

- Consolidating, synthesising and communicating information on river catchment management emerging from the DTC projects and communicating pro-actively to a wide stakeholder audience, and reactively in response to emerging needs.
- Research translation for a range of audiences
- Facilitating the role of DTC as a technical sounding board for policymakers and stakeholders
- Developing and maintaining a record of activities across the DTC catchments to expose opportunities for collaboration and helping to link disparate research activities to address interdisciplinary questions.
- Facilitating cross-consortium thematic working groups.
- Facilitate collaboration between research groups working on diffuse pollution, aquatic ecology, ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, flood management, economics, social sciences and other related fields both within and outside of the Demonstration Test Catchments network.
- Co-ordinate activities that cut across the Demonstrations Test Catchments Project, the NERC Virtual Observatory and other external initiatives.
Project Documents
• ROAME Document : WQ01   (200k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2014

Cost: £350,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Dummy contractor for Misc Payments
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Sustainable Farming and Food Science              
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Water Quality