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Defra Evidence Strategy Support - provision of specialist advice and support in structuring, eliciting and combining information on evidence needs and how to deliver them to optimise the effectiveness of Defra investment in evidence - SD0452ESS

This proposal is for consultancy support to assist Defra through the development of the current Evidence Investment Strategy, including devising, collating, drafting and consultation on the Strategy. This will include, but is not necessarily limited to, providing support on the following tasks:

a) designing the Evidence Strategy

b) deciding the information inputs on which the strategy will be based

c) assembling the relevant information from sources internal and external to Defra

d) analysing and presenting that information

e) peer review, comment and support in developing the Evidence Strategy from the assembled input.

The support is likely to be provided in a series of tasks as follows:

Task 1: devising the Evidence Strategy and questionnaires to elicit information on Defra policy areas (01/2/09 to 31/3/09)

Task 2: developing the basis for analysis and evaluation of policy inputs on Evidence Strategy (01/4/09 to 24/5/09)

Task 3: support in the process of analysis and challenge of those policy inputs (25/5/09 to mid-July 09)

Task 4: assembly of policy inputs, challenge information and inputs from other sources internal and external to Defra, and synthesis into first draft format for 2009 Evidence Strategy (mid-July to early Sept 09)

Task 5: review, consultation and development of the early draft Evidence Strategy into the final publishable version (mid-Sept to end October 09)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2009

Cost: £110,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations