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Assessment of Green Claims on Product Packaging - EV0431

Since the last revision of the Green Claims – Practical Guidance in 2003, both the overall number and the types of claim made of products and services have changed. For example, in terms of the language and imagery deployed, the presence or otherwise of third party endorsements, the distribution of claims across different media sources and industry sectors and also increasingly, on product packaging. The Guidance is therefore in the process of being updated and this study supports that process alongside project EV0430 that looks at the same issues from the point of view of marketing.

The project`s step-wise approach includes:

- A scan of readily available literature regarding the extent of green claims on environmental claims on product packaging in order to identify market sectors and products that may show particularly high levels of green claims.
- A broad scan of products available to consumers either through in-store research or via the Internet to obtain an overall picture of the extent of green claims found on product packaging and associated materials, such as websites or leaflets.
- A more detailed analysis of a number of specific claims reviewing the context of the claim, the basis of the claim, and the environmental reporting performed by the product manufacturer.

As with project EV0430, the purpose is not to try and reach a “verdict” on whether specific claims on product packaging are “good”, “bad” or in violation of the Guidance, but rather to develop a robust evidence base to understand current trends and developments.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Assessment of Green Claims on Product Packaging - Final Report   (695k)
• Final Report - Annex : Assessment of Green Claims on Product Packaging - Technical Annexe   (3073k)
• Other : Assessment of Green Claims on Product Packaging - 2 page summary   (455k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2009

Cost: £77,370
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Five Winds International
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Processing and Marketing Grant Scheme              
Sustainable Consumption and Production              
Sustainable Development              
Fields of Study
Sustainable Consumption and Production