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Minimising nitrous oxide intensities of arable crop products (MIN NO) - LK09128

This project aims to improve estimates of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions associated with production of UK arable crops, and to develop strategies (including estimates of the necessary incentives) to mitigate N2O emissions in anticipation of greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting at field and farm scale. Nitrogen experiments with wide-ranging N supplies will test over three seasons how N2O emissions relate to economically optimised N nutrition of cereals, sugar beet and oilseed rape, as well as to production of pulses. Results will enable optimisation of emission intensities through expression of N2O and other GHG emissions per unit of crop product.

By working with major players in the food, feed & biofuel supply chains, strategies to minimise GHG intensities of major crop products will be compared for their environmental and economic effectiveness, and financial incentives necessary to minimise N2O intensities of typical arable crop products will be estimated, using established methodologies to evaluate GHG intensities. The consortium will work to facilitate networking between allied research and mitigation activities on N2O emissions in the UK & overseas and it will promote N2O mitigation strategies amongst UK arable crop supply chains.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2014

Cost: £1,970,971
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Agricultural Industries Confederation (VI), British Sugar plc, ADAS UK Ltd., Frontier Agriculture, National Farmers Union, Hill Court Farm Research, Warburtons Ltd, Scotch Whisky Research Institute (SWRI), Soilessentials Ltd, Bayer CropScience Ltd, Processors and Growers Research Organisation Ltd., Home Grown Cereals Association, North Wyke Research, Country Land and Business Association, North Energy Associates Ltd, Yara (UK) Ltd, The Co-operative Group Ltd., Processors and Growers Research Organisation, Renewable Energy Association, University - Scottish Agricultural College, GrowHow UK Ltd., Vivergo Fuels Ltd.