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Assessing the Impact of Minor Plant Protection Products Usage - PS2238

The term minor uses encompasses both the use of a product on a crop that is minor in extent or usage for a particular problem that is sporadic or minor in extent (PSD, 2009). The potential aquatic exposure following the ‘minor usage’ of pesticides is not well understood, with the current perception being that due to the scale of use the risk to the environment is also small. However, some minor crop production is quite intensive, with greater inputs, and as such the localised environmental risk could be greater, depending on spatial and temporal vulnerability factors. Similarly, for many minor usages the number of products available for use is limited and as such the ability to choose alternate less harmful products is not always possible if the risk from one product is deemed unacceptable by standard risk assessment approaches.

This project looks to inform this issue through providing a risk assessment framework that considers not only the extent of minor usage but also its location as this is fundamental to determining the likelihood and potential number of water bodies exposed as well as the opportunity for dilution at the catchment scale thereby contextualising the edge-of-field regulatory modelling results. This will be achieved by compiling a representative suite of minor crop extents and usages, coupling these with landscape datasets to inform the number of water bodies at risk and determining the associated catchment flows and potential concentrations in order to inform the catchment scale water quality impacts. These results will be incorporated into a screening spreadsheet tool to inform the regulatory process.
1. Collation of minor crop/usage and major crop extent datasets in order to inform a suite of representative minor uses for inclusion into the risk assessment tool. This likely spatial extent of crops/uses would be summarised within hydrometric catchments across England and Wales using different scenarios;
2. Development of a synchronous climate and river flow database to inform the dilution potential within each catchment;
3. Development of a FOCUS relevant field scale loss fate meta-model
4. Development of an edge of field water body fate meta-model
5. Development of a minor uses regulatory screening spreadsheet tool
6. Provision of a users workshop for the spreadsheet tool

Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : Assessing the impact of minor PPP usage   (1808k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2011

Cost: £148,515
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