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Water research review and gap analysis - WQ0201

The project viewer developed through this project is available at:

The specification is divided into a number of phases to illustrate step-wise development dependencies. These different phases are described below.
1) Processing of source project information
• Porting of project information to standard database format.
• Text mining of project information (keyword identification).
• Generation of project-keyword frequency vectors.
• Project-keyword vector manipulation (dimensionality reduction, similarity scoring).
• Coordinate generation.
2) Customisation of front-end
• Graphical differentiation of projects from different sources (Defra, Environment Agency).
• Graphical depiction of funding level and/or project length on visualisation (through different sized points).
• Refinement of keyword searching, and project selection and listing functionality.
• Deployment as a hosted applet.
3) Overlay of horizon scanning information
• Identification of horizon scanning evidence applicable to area of diffuse pollution.
• Processing of collected diffuse pollution horizon scanning material (Step 1).
• Overlaying of horizon scanned evidence on top of set of current project work in this area.

Risks and assumptions
R1 Specification can be agreed within given budget
R2 Timescales can be met
R3 Staff with skill set will be available
R4 Provision of suitable set of EA and Defra project information

A1 Appropriate finances and resources to develop a full specification
A2 Science Resources will provide staff to undertake the work
A3 Benefits plan can be drawn up
A4 Application will be hosted within Science infrastructure
The Environment Agency and Defra both run projects in diffuse pollution and have project records and reports of all previous and ongoing work. It is important that each organisation appreciates what work has been done before or is ongoing in the two organisations, as well as understanding what work has already gone on in the area as a whole. It is also necessary to understand new research and trends in the area that could influence the direction and nature of future funding. All these sources of information need to be considered when shaping future programme funding and direction in diffuse pollution.

Repositories of project information from both organisations have been collated and manually classified into Defra themes and Environment Agency themes and sub-themes, and suitable defining metadata also extracted (e.g. project code, title, project officer, etc.). Analysis of this pool of information, along with other sources regarding current research and projected trends in this area, with sophisticated text analysis and knowledge management techniques will enable better categorisation of the current programmes and help identify possible duplications of effort, useful cross-over between programmes and potential new directions of research.
Project Documents
• ROAME Document : Water Quality   (200k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2009

Cost: £10,005
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Environment Agency - England
Diffuse Pollution              
Sustainable Farming and Food Science              
Water Framework Directive              
Water Pollution              
Water Quality              
Water Quality and Use