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Establishment of baseline for, and monitoring of the impact of, the European Landscape Convention in the UK - WC0802

The establishment of a baseline of UK performance in landscape policy in 2007. The monitoring of changes to this policy and legislation over a 5 year period and its consequent impact on landscape. In light of these findings, the assessment of the impact of the European Landscape Convention on UK landscapes.
The ELC deals with the protection management and planning of all landscapes, rural, urban and peri-urban, whether they are classed as some of our finest or considered to be ordinary or even degraded. The UK considers that it already broadly complies with the Articles of the Convention and has ratified it on that basis, but has undertaken to enhance compliance through the normal course of policy review when opportunities arise to do so. There has been a view in some areas of Government that ratification of the Convention could be used to hinder legitimate development despite the fact this is not the intention of the Convention. The establishment of a baseline against which legislative and policy changes, together with and their impact on the landscape, can be monitored and assessed over a five year period, and one in which planning and other policy potentially affecting landscape is undergoing radical changes, will establish the impact in the UK of the ELC and the degree to which any additional change might be required to deliver better the UK’s obligations, which the Department should propose.
Most landscape policy and delivery is devolved. A particular challenge of this project is to devise an economical and proportionate method of evaluating the impact of the Convention which will yield useful results for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland both separately and together.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2009

Cost: £56,038
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Newcastle
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Fields of Study
Wildlife Conservation