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Additonal evidence on sustainability impacts that occur during the lifecycle of TVs - EV0417

AEA propose to compare data on the UK TV market with that of Europe, to establish:-
What are the expected market trends and consumption data, and what are the main differences between the UK and Europe?
Identify what differences there are in terms of the established (CRT) and new (Plasma/ flat screen) technologies;
What difference does it make if the TV is part of a combined unit (integrated with digital set up box, DVD player, multiple tuners etc);

This will involve extracting UK- related data from the Materials Technology Programme in respect of the use of and environmental impacts of the life cycle of various types of TV, from cradle (raw materials) to grave (disposal or recycling) and comparing it primarily with the European based data reported in the "Ecodesign of EuP Products Preparatory Studies LOT 5: Consumer Electronics: TV".

The UK based MTP data will be supplemented by additional inputs from currently available reports (such as the WWF report on disposal of TVs in African continent, and the Waste implications of digital TVs in China).
Project Documents
• Final Report : Additional Evidence on Sustainability Impacts that occur during the life cycle of televisions   (1111k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2008

Cost: £19,250
Contractor / Funded Organisations
AEA Technology
Economic Research              
Fields of Study
Sustainable Consumption and Production