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Support for the Living With Environmental Change Secretariat - SD0449

LWEC is a partnership between UK Research Councils and governmental organisations and agencies. It brings into the same space many key players and stakeholders in environmental-change research. Focusing on climate change and other forms of environmental change LWEC will help us to predict:

what is going to happen
where impacts are likely to occur
what the potential outcomes of different response strategies are likely to be
Clean water, food, fuel and clean air are all provided by 'ecosystem services' on which we depend and receive great benefits. However, there are limits to these resources and LWEC will identify opportunities for moving to more sustainable ways of using them.

We will do this by building on the UK's world-leading strengths in climate modelling and environmental prediction. The programme will bring together skills and people of many different kinds, such as environmental scientists, researchers in environmental social science, economists, engineers and those from medical sciences. Through their work, we will learn how the earth's complex systems that sustain economic and social development, are likely to respond to change. LWEC will be complementary to the Research Council's Energy Programme.

Looking at the big picture
There are complex and interconnected relationships between dynamic societies and changing environments. LWEC will take a holistic approach, recognising the broad array of factors that come into play when we analyse the Earth's systems and the human behaviours through which we interact with them.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2016

Cost: £335,762
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Natural Environment Research Council
Animal Health              
Bee Health              
Behaviour change              
Development of tools - facilitate behaviour change              
Environment and Health              
Environmental Change              
Global Warming              
Natural Environment              
Overarching Issues/Stakeholder Forums              
Programme Management              
Science Policy              
Social Research              
Understanding economic & political causal factors              
Water Quality and Use              
Water Resources