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Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change Through Stabilising Greenhouse Gas Concentrations - AVOID - GA0215

It is intended that AVOID will provide the focus in Government for delivery of policy-relevant advice and research on avoiding dangerous climate change through stabilisation of greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere. AVOID will be a comprehensive, multifaceted and expanding research programme that will bring together and develop the evidence underpinning a long-term GHG stabilisation goal and identify emission pathways to stabilisation and the associated impacts and costs. As well as undertaking new research, the programme will build on existing relevant research, integrate research with other on-going programmes, and develop synergies across UK Government and academic communities for relevant climate science, environmental change and socio-economic research.
The overarching aim of AVOID is to provide policy-relevant evidence and research on avoiding dangerous climate change through stabilisation of GHG concentrations in the atmosphere.

AVOID aims to address five fundamental questions:
a. What are the key impacts and risks of different levels of climate change across sectors and regions, and the world as a whole ?
b. What level of climate change may be deemed to be dangerous ?
c. What would different limits to climate change imply for GHG stabilisation concentrations and the emission pathways required to achieve these ?
d. What mitigation options would need to be implemented to achieve stabilisation of GHGs at different concentrations, taking into account costs and uncertainties ?
e. What adaptation strategies are needed globally to cope with different levels of climate change ?

Research undertaken for AVOID should be guided by specific policy and stakeholder requirements, addressing relevant evidence gaps and uncertainties, and delivered in time to inform key events in the policy calendar.

AVOID should build on existing relevant research, including that reported at the Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change conference in Exeter, 2005, and incorporate new research from other on-going UK and International programmes.

Provide up-to-date, clear and novel communications on the outputs of AVOID with policy makers, negotiators and other stakeholders.

AVOID should promote truly cross-disciplinary projects integrating scientific, socio-economic and policy considerations, that develop synergies between Government-funded activities (including the Climate Change Committee) and those undertaken within the UK climate science, environmental change and socio-economic research communities.

Toward this end, AVOID has already been proposed as a key component of the UK Inter-agency Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) Programme, the climate change component of which is jointly led by Defra and Natural Environment Research Council.

AVOID must be a dynamic programme that is flexible over its planned lifetime to ensure that it will continue to meet the evolving needs of Defra, other Government Departments, Devolved Administrations, UK Academic Partners and other stakeholders.

In addition to the core Defra funding, AVOID is expected to grow throughout the 4 years into a large multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder programme by securing significant additional funding from Defra and elsewhere. Therefore, it is critical that the bidder is able to demonstrate how additional Defra and external funds may be secured and used.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : GA0215   (5157k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2012

Cost: £1,347,607
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Meteorological Office, United Kingdom, Competetive tender - contractor unknown
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Fields of Study
Climate Change Adaptation