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QA/QC for the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (2008-2011) - AQ0632

The Automatic Air Quality Monitoring Networks comprise around 130 monitoring stations for NOx, SO2, CO, O3 and PM10 located throughout the UK. The networks provide data to inform the public and for compliance with EU Air Quality Directives. Operation of the networks is split been separate contracts for management and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) functions.
The aim of the QA/QC contract is to ensure that the data are accurate and precise and fulfil the requirements of the Air Quality Directives. The main tasks in the contract are as follows:
1. Site intercalibration exercise – at 6-monthly intervals, every site in the network is visited to carefully check the operation of the monitoring equipment and the integrity of the on-site calibration standards.
2. Data ratification – data for all sites are received from the management units every 3-months along with all calibration and service records. These data are carefully checked to identify any which need to be corrected or deleted. At the end of this process, the data are passed to the Air Quality Archive ( and uploaded as ratified data.
3. Local Site Operator (LSO) training and audits – a detailed manual for LSO’s is prepared and updated and all LSO’s are trained and audited in the documented procedures.
4. Ad-hoc advice and reporting. Ad hoc advice is provided to defra and the DAs as appropriate. Progress on the contact is reported in quarterly and annual reports to defra and the DAs which are published on
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2015

Cost: £6,886,781
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Air Quality