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A comprehensive review of the treatment of feeding stuffs related to the control of Salmonella in layer flocks - OZ0329

Salmonella infection of poultry and Salmonella contamination of poultry houses and products is an ongoing problem, and there are European Union (EU) targets for reductions in affected flocks, starting in 2008. The current proposal is to analyse the contribution made by Salmonella in feed to this problem, primarily in respect of egg-producing flock infections, and to investigate the reasons for feed contamination. The project will use a team with veterinary, microbiological, agricultural and feed industry expertise and will draw upon the scientific literature, EU surveillance data, international surveillance and investigations, and feed and poultry industry sources to review as comprehensively as possible the current state of knowledge and practice regarding Salmonella contamination of animal feedingstuffs and its control. A particular focus will be upon physical (i.e. heat) and chemical treatments applied to feed to reduce the level of microbiological contaminants, including Salmonella.

The review report will contain recommendations for improving monitoring, for responses appropriate to the type of Salmonella strain and destination of the feed in the event that contamination is discovered, and for practical and costed interventions in the animal feedstuffs chain to reduce the risk of contamination.
The single objective of the project is to fulfil the Defra requirement for a review of all approaches to produce Salmonella-free feed for layers, including a review of the risks associated with the heat treatment of feed. The review will, as required, go beyond published literature to include input from other experts and the feed and poultry industry. The expert and industry input will come in part from members of the team, and in part from various individuals and organisations in the UK and internationally who will be approached to contribute data, existing guidance documents and opinions. The review will address specifically:

• Recommendations for improved monitoring in different parts of the feed industry

• Actions to be taken if Salmonella is found in different feed sectors according to serotype and risk in respect of the class of animals receiving feed

• The costs of recommended increased monitoring and feed treatments such as heat and acids
Project Documents
• Final Report : A comprehensive review of the treatment of feeding stuffs related to the control of Salmonella in layer flocks.   (334k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2008

Cost: £72,123
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
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Fields of Study
Animal Health