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Science and Strategies for the Long Term Management and Remediation of Landfills - contribution to funding grant - WR0305

The overall aim of the proposed research is to establish a sound scientific basis on which new efficient, effective and economic post-closure management strategies for landfills can be developed.
The overall objectives of the proposed research are to develop:

1) a better understanding of the role of landfill gas on fluid flow and transport processes and the factors controlling the flow of air itself in landfills;

2) a better understanding of the processes involved in the flushing of contaminants from different types of wastes (including both current and future residual wastes) at a variety of scales;

3) new techniques for characterising the contaminant transport behaviour of wastes at the field scale; and

4) a toolkit of models that can be used to assess the effect of various post-closure management techniques on completion time, and improve the ability to predict and hence manage the long term behaviour of landfills.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2006

To: 2011

Cost: £200,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
Environmental Protection              
Managing residual waste in landfill              
Residual Wastes Management              
Waste Management              
Fields of Study
Waste Management