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Are pesticide risk assessments for honeybees protective of other pollinators - PS2337

EU Directive 94/414 requires that plant protection products have no unacceptable effects on the environment, particularly on non-target species and Defra Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) is responsible for assessing the environmental safety of pesticides in the UK. It is currently assumed that the risk assessment for honeybees also protects other pollinators, such as bumble bees. This proposal aims to address the Annex V label requirement to protect bees and other pollinating insects.

Currently risk assessments rely on the protection of honeybees also being protective of other pollinators, including BAP species. However, there is only limited information available to identify whether this is in fact reliable. This proposal aims to determine whether the risk assessments for honeybees are likely to also to be protective of other pollinators and if this is not possible the data gaps which would allow such an assessment to be made.

The results will assist PSD by providing better information about whether risk assessments for honeybees are also likely to be protective of other pollinators and guidance on any data gaps which should be filled before such an assessment can be made. These will lead to improved risk assessment procedures and hence improve understanding of the potential risk to wildlife from pesticide use.
1. To determine the data available on the effects of pesticides on pollinators other than honeybees
2. To determine whether issues such as timing of sprays (during day and during season), repellency which are used to address risk management for honeybees can be extrapolated to other pollinators
3. To determine whether issues such as drift of granules/dust from seed treatments into field margins, particularly systemic compounds, is likely to have a significant effect on honeybees and other pollinators
Project Documents
• Final Report : Are pesticide risk assessments for honeybees protective of other pollinators?   (375k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2008

Cost: £20,438
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Central Science Laboratory
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