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Follow on work for development and validation of methods of analysis for pesticide formulations - PS2532

CSL conducts chemical analysis of pesticide formulations for planned surveys on behalf of the Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD). CSL also conducts chemical analysis in support of enforcement activities conducted by PSD. To conduct this work analytical methods are required for use in checking the compliance of pesticide formulations on sale in the UK with their registered technical and formulation specifications. This includes both the chemical composition (e.g. active ingredient and co-formulant material content) and physical properties (e.g. emulsion stability and suspensibility). This project covers the development and validation of suitable analytical methods.

In some cases, analytical methods will available from the handbooks of the Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council (CIPAC) or from pesticide product manufacturers (industry methods). However such methods often need to be validated for use with formulation types, other than those for which they were specified. In other cases, it will necessary to develop and validate new methods by modifying CIPAC methods or industry methods. In some cases, it is likely that no suitable CIPAC methods or industry methods will be available and in-house methods will be developed and validated.

As part of this project CSL will also participate in collaborative trials organised by PAC UK and CIPAC on proposed new methods of analysis for pesticide formulations. CSL will also take part, where appropriate, in the AAPCO (Association of American Pesticide Control Officials) check sample programme, a multi-laboratory proficiency testing programme for laboratories that analyse pesticide formulations. In addition, CSL will add methods developed for the determination of active ingredients to the CSL/PSD Methods Compendium.
Objective 1
To develop robust analytical methods, that are as cost effective as possible with the available technology, for the analysis of the components of pesticide formulations, including active ingredients, impurities, co-formulants and breakdown products. The methods developed will be utilised for scheduled formulation surveys and enforcement analyses.

It is expected that during 2007/8 methods will need to be developed and or validated to support the following scheduled formulation surveys on Metaldehyde products, Metsulfuron-methyl products and Mancozeb products.

Objective 2
Participate in collaborative trials organised by PAC-UK and CIPAC, as part of the validation
procedure for proposed new international methods.

Objective 3
Participate in the AAPCO (Association of American Pesticide Control Officials) check sample programme,

Objective 4
Enter methods developed for the determination of active ingredient in the CSL/PSD Methods Compendium
Project Documents
• EXE - Executive Summary : sid5ps2532   (77k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2010

Cost: £138,678
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Central Science Laboratory
Analytical Chemistry              
Analytical Quality Control              
Establishing a sound database for waste management              
Food Safety              
Mass Spectrometry              
Method Development              
Monitoring and evaluation              
Pesticide Residues              
Public Health              
Techniques & methodolgies for waste management              
Fields of Study
Pesticide Safety