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Bridging Research and Policy through Outcome Evaluation - WR0808

The main objective of the proposed research is to pilot the use of outcome evaluations as a means of bridging research and policy in the cross-cutting areas of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and sustainable waste and resources management (SWRM).

There is considerable scope for innovation within this project by using comparative experiences from other countries and tailoring these to the UK and, specifically Defra`s institutional context. Further scope for innovation will be in the methodologies and the actual design and implementation of the outcome evaluation itself.

The outcomes of the research may be used by the two programmes and across Defra to:

-ascertain the extent to which the two research programmes are effectively influencing achievement of policy outcomes;

-ensure a clear line of sight between research programmes and policy outcomes;

-encourage the two programmes (and others) to place weight on all aspects of the evidence-based policy cycle, looking not only at the quality of the evidence produced but its uptake in the policy domain;

-provide valuable lessons on how to monitor the effectiveness of the interaction between evidence-building and policy-making, and the effectiveness of research programme performance management;

-demonstrate how evidence-based policy-making is being operationalised and where it could be improved;

-ensure a greater focus on monitoring and evaluation, thereby supporting Defra`s drive to become a more knowledge-based learning organisation;

-inform emerging plans for a potential knowledge hub; and

-faciliate opportunites for collaborative working across evidence programmes.
The objectives of the Project are:

1. Completion of a desk-based literature review of outcome/impact evaluations and good practices.

2. The design of an evaluation framework and accompanying workplan for evaluation of the SCP Evidence Programme (SCPEP) and Waste and Resources Evidence Programme (WREP) relationships to and impact on SCP and SWRM policy.

3. The piloting of the evaluation framework developed under objective 2, including obtaining the input of key stakeholders through interviews, to assess the contribution of WREP and SCPEP to the objectives of SCP and SWRM and the overarching outcome of One Planet Living.

4. To enhance organisational learning in Defra through improved awareness of the benefits and approaches to outcome/impact evaluations. This will be done via the provision of substantive inputs to a web-based discussion forum on the project’s findings and preparation of a primer of the web-based discussion and after-action review.

5. The validation and dissemination of the research findings through an internal workshop at Defra.

6. Effective documentation and reporting of the project’s findings, conclusions and recommendations.

7. To manage the project effectively and ensure clear communications between project partners and Defra so that all parties are aware of progress and to ensure desired outputs are delivered to time and cost.

Project Documents
• Literature Review : WR0808 - Literature Review (full report with references and appendices)   (1308k)
• Literature Review : WR0808 - Literature Review (report summary)   (55k)
• Literature Review : WR0808 - Literature Review (without references and appendices)   (159k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2008

Cost: £120,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
GHK Consulting, University - London - Kings College, Policy Studies Institute, Technopolis Limited
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Fields of Study
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