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Sustainable Development Research Network - Phase III - SD12022

The Sustainable Development Research Network, established in 2001, is a largely Defra funded initiative which aims to facilitate and strengthen the links between providers of research and policy-makers across government in order to improve evidence based policy-making on issues related to the UK Government’s objectives for sustainable development.

Phase III of SDN will build on SDRN achievements since 2001.

The overall aim and objectives are as follows:
To help Government deliver better evidence based policy making in UK Government to help achieve sustainable development by:
a)facilitating the provision and dissemination of relevant research and evidence to policy makers and practitioners;
b)promoting understanding among policy makers and practitioners of the role research can play in supporting sustainable development policy and practice;
c)promoting sustainable development in research and academic communities, and working with funding bodies to encourage relevant research; and
d)advising the SDU on sustainable development research issues

For details of SDRN's activities, see the SDRN website:
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2011

Cost: £580,383
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Policy Studies Institute
Decision Making              
Sustainable Development