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Rame Head: Furthering our understanding of the Ecological Consequences of Dredged Material Disposal Activities - ME1116

(Key Customer) Purpose - Why is the R&D needed?
Rame Head has been used for many years as a disposal site for dredged material. Local concerns and consequent media interest have implicated the Rame Head disposal site as one of the possible sources of contamination observed within Whitsand Bay. Cefas has conducted multi-disciplinary surveys of the disposal ground and surrounding area since 2001. The outcomes of these findings were published in a report in June 2005. The principle conclusion of this report was that Rame Head remains a suitable location for the disposal of dredged material, subject to continued monitoring and under the condition that coarse items of anthropogenic debris should be excluded. However, some of the public concerns were not fully addressed in this report.

Summary Objectives

The project will produce an overview of the latest understanding of the dispersive nature and coastal processes of the site and to extend our understanding of the geochemical processes within the area

The study will determine whether PAH concentrations found at the disposal area were high relative to background areas and assess the degree of radioactive contamination resulting from dredged material disposal at Rame Head.

The project aims to ascertain the nature and general findings of new and ongoing scientific studies within the Rame Head area undertaken outside Cefas, together with the current concerns/issues of the local stakeholders. Finally the project aims to discuss the findings of the above objectives in terms of their regulatory implications for the Rame Head disposal site.

Project Documents
• Final Report - SID5 : Final Report Rame Head: Furthering our understanding of the Ecological Consequences of Dredged Material Disposal Activities   (2599k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2007

Cost: £28,398
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Environmental Protection              
Local Environmental Quality              
Marine Impacts              
Marine Sediments              
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine