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Impact of EC Directive on sustainable use of plant protection products and developing indicators for the pesticide strategy - PS2527

This proposal is to undertake a range of work requested by Pesticide Safety Directorate in development of their policy work. It includes the following:

1.EC Directive on sustainable use of pesticides
Undertake a review and cost analysis for inclusion in a regulatory impact assessment (RIA) on the EC Directive on the Sustainable use of pesticides. PSD have identified several key areas for analysis:
· Article 5 Training
· Article 6 Requirements for sale of pesticides
· Article 8 Inspection of equipment
· Article 10 Buffer strips
· Article 13 Development and implementation of IPM
Each article will be analysed to provide appropriate information for inclusion in an RIA to be compiled by PSD.

2.Indicators framework
Develop a framework to manage and present the range of indicators applicable to delivering the National Pesticides Strategy, which includes those relevant to the Pesticides Forum and Voluntary Initiative. This work will involve aligning the pesticide relevant indicators under the three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental and social. Indicators will also follow the format of those used elsewhere in Defra as part of the Sustainable Food and Farming Strategy (see Each indicator will therefore be listed as either headline or core, with outcome and process measures also identified. The aim of this work is to provide a paper for consideration by a joint Pesticides Forum and Voluntary Initiative indicators group meeting in mid-September and then be refined as a result of any feedback. One outcome will be to highlight gaps in indicators, and we will also make recommendations to rationalise the suite of indicators if necessary.

3.Pilot project study area identification
Provide an appropriate geographical study area to PSD to enable them to undertake a pilot project on disclosure of pesticide spray records and supporting information in relation to spray notification. The work will identify a geographical area that contains sufficient farms and adjacent properties to run a representative study on disclosure of pesticide spray records. The target is to have around 100 active arable farms and approximately 1000 adjacent properties. From a range of housing densities (rural, village and town/urban fringe). The area identified will include information on the farmland and adjacent properties, and a statement on its appropriateness for the pilot study.

4.Ad hoc advice
Ad hoc work including the preliminary meeting in July, and requests for answers to questions on pesticide notification.

1. To produce a review and analysis of identified areas of the EC Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides for inclusion in a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) by the end of August 2006.
2. To develop a framework for pesticide relevant indicators which fits the Defra pillars of sustainability (Economic, Environmental and Social) by mid September 2006.
3. To identify and provide information on a geographical study area to allow PSD to undertake a pilot project which examines the practicality of providing disclosure of pesticide spray records and notification by mid September 2006.
4. Ad hoc advice as required.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Impact of EC Directive on sustainable use of plant protection products and developing indicators for the pesticide strategy   (159k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2006

To: 2006

Cost: £26,500
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Access to Countryside              
Agricultural Land              
Economic Policy Evaluation              
Economic Research              
Environmental monitoring              
Farm Business              
Monitoring and evaluation              
Pesticide use              
Policy Development              
Risk assessment and management              
Sustainable Development              
Fields of Study
Pesticide Safety