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To provide support for IGER N.Wyke project (NT0601) - NT0603

To improve guidelines for minimising nitrate leaching from grassland, there is a need to develop an improved understanding of nitrogen cycling through modelling studies. This project utilises isolated clay plot lysimeters with the aim of providing sophisticated hydrological support to fieldwork leading to the modelling of nitrate leaching in grassland undertaken by IGER at North Wyke (PU 09) ADAS FDEU will provide the continued hydrologic support necessary for IGER to meet their objectives. The primary objective being to provide a continued hydrological support at North Wyke to IGER to allow them to complete their objectives (PU09). This on-going work is part of a long term study initiated in 1982. Previous work is reported in four review papers: 1.MAFF/ADAS Report No RD/FE 23 (1984) 2.British Grassland Society Conference, Ayr (1990) 3. Hydrological Processes, 4 (1990)and 4. Agricultural Water Management, 18, (1990) pp 101-120. The hydrological database and interpretation provided is essential for the analysis of the IGLR nitrate leaching data by IGLR. The generation of routing hydrological data in support of the IGER project will not advance understanding in itself, but the database could be used in modelling studies to further understand nitrate/pesticide leaching under grassland.

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1994

Cost: £123,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Fields of Study
Fertilisers and Nitrate Pollution