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Minimising environmental impact of weed control in vegetables by weed detection and spot herbicide application - HL0183LFV

Aim of Initiative: To develop and demonstrate a technology that uses weed detection and targeted application of minimal quantities of a total herbicide to control volunteer potatoes in a range of vegetable crops particularly in onions and carrots.
Commercial and Technical Background: Losses resulting from 91/414 EEC pesticide review and customer pressure is reducing selective herbicide options to the point that for some situations there are no products available. For example, the ’Essential Use’ of post emergence metoxuron (Dosaflo) used to kill potatoes expires at the end of 2007. Work in carrots (HDC Project 236b) has identified alternatives for some weed species, but control of volunteer potatoes continues to be a problem, especially as they are not susceptible to mechanical methods.
Targeted application of total herbicides to weed potatoes is an attractive option providing good control with low cost chemicals that have a low environmental impact. The only available commercial technique using wipers relies solely on height differential between crop and weed and has important limitations in some circumstances.
The Problem/Opportunity: The problem is to develop cost effective techniques for applying a phytotoxic dose of herbicide to weeds with minimal off target contamination. Solution of this problem would provide new opportunities for chemical control of volunteer poatoes in vegetables based on low herbicide volumes with a low environmental impact (e.g. glyphosate).
Project Documents
• Abstract : HL0183 Abstract   (12k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2009

Cost: £171,955
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Horticultural Development Council, A Findlay and Partners, Robydome Electronics, Tillett and Hague Technology Ltd, Micron Sprayers Ltd, Huntapac Produce Ltd., British Potato Council, Allium & Brassica Centre Ltd, Hypro EU Ltd., Garford Farm Machinery, F B Parrish & Son, The Arable Group, Monsanto UK Ltd
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