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Supply chain platforms for technological solution and sustainable lifestyle choices - EB01006

The project is to develop transnational spatial development strategies and actions for urban, and maritime systems in the North Sea Region.

Its aim is to help build a sustainable society by increasing, spreading and applying knowledge and technologies for sustainable building and living. Itr also aims to address the problem posed by limited or non-existing technology transfer in the environment sector as a whole and so that technologies for sustainable development may be pursued.

The project has five objectives:

To establish mechanisms for technology transfer to the entire North Sea Region, using the established network of SmartLIFE centres as knowledge transfer hubs in the regions, using different channels for communication.

To increase and illustrate cost-efficient and effective ways to reduce the resource consumption-land, energy, water - with the help of small-scale initiatives, as well as to demonstrate possibilities to reduce wast generation and to increase the reuse and recycling of wate in the construction industry. Scaleable 'proof of concept' initiatives will achieve a wide market reach and generate consumer interest and take-up.

To increase the market penetration of sustainable technologies, thus building the markets for renewable energies, sustainable drainage and conservation of resources.

To create conditions for the adoption of sustainable technologies in the construction sector by addressing architects, planners and other decision makers, purchasers and trades people in order to increase the uptake of preferable technologies on a larger scale.

To prepare studies for laying ground for future co-operation- looking towards public enterprise (substantial projects and activities supported by furture funding) and bridging to sustainable and commercial viability and operations.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2006

To: 2008

Cost: £75,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Cambridge County Council
Energy Efficiency              
Sustainable Consumption and Production              
Sustainable Development              
Sustainable Procurement              
Sustainable Resource Consumption and Management              
Technology Transfer