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Developing best practice to underpin UKMMAS: Protocol Marine Monitoring Manual - ME4126

Key Customer Purpose - Why is the R&D needed?
Marine Monitoring within the UK is driven by the need to provide evidence and produce data returns for a variety of EC directives, international and national commitments. Since early 2006 the UK Government Departments and Agencies have adopted a new Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy. The strategy adopts the principles that the monitoring will be based on answering known questions (objectives based), be conducted to known standards and protocols to enable best use and reuse of quality assured datasets and be collected as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With this reemphasis on the known protocols and standards of all data and information there is now a need to catalogue and publish the existing protocols and standards to highlight what is currently being used so that we can move towards the best practice guidelines. This project is to undertake this study and produce a first draft of a fit for purpose marine monitoring manual.

Summary Objectives
Produce the first iteration of a modular, UK Marine Monitoring Manual that contains the protocols for all existing marine monitoring activity. The manual will be suitable for both download and use by practitioners and for hosting on the internet.

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2012

Cost: £175,579
Contractor / Funded Organisations
WRc plc
Environmental Protection              
Marine Monitoring              
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine