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Development of a software tool to assist PSD in interpreting FOCUS surface water results - PS2224

PSD review submissions from notifiers that contain information on the potential behaviour of a pesticide in the environment. Included in the submissions are calculations of predicted environmental concentrations (PEC) in surface water bodies using the FOCUS surface water (SW) models. The FOCUS SW models contain minor faults, the majority of which are documented. This tool will allow PSD to efficiently collate information on PEC values in surface waters. It will also act as an error checking mechanism and will highlight a specific fault to the assessor. It will also allow PSD to get a better understaning of the exposure profile over time.
The main objective of this work is to provide PSD with a software tool to assist them in their ongoing regulatory approval process.

1. The software tool will extract PEC values from FOCUS surface water output files.
2. Will provide the assessor with information on which chemical was used in the assessment, thereby insuring the correct chemical properties were used in the modelling exercise. Currently there is a fault with this software whereby the properties of the metabolite compound can be swapped with those of the parent compound.
3. Provide PSD with extended information on the concentrations within the exposure profile.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Development of a software tool to assist PSD in interpreting FOCUS surface water results   (196k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2006

To: 2006

Cost: £3,333
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Analytical Quality Control              
Environmental monitoring              
Environmental Protection              
Method Development              
Pesticide use              
Water Quality              
Water quality monitoring              
Fields of Study
Pesticide Safety