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Downstream impacts of sustainable procurement - EV02011

Downstream impacts of sustainable procurement (SCP6.1)
Some earlier EU studies have focussed on obtaining demand-side data from public procurement contracts. We wish to complement this with supply-side data by collecting and analysing information from the marketplace on the impact on market supply of a sample of existing government sustainable procurement policies/contracts. We wish to obtain evidence from suppliers to the public sector on how they have responded to sustainability issues incorporated into:

· statements of policy (e.g. purchasing policies)
· specifications
· supplier selection criteria
· contract award criteria
· conditions of contract
· ’sustainability’ improvements sought during execution of the contract

and an evaluation of the most effective approaches. We would expect the approach to involve interviews, gathering of market intelligence and an examination of tender/contract documents.

Additionally, sustainable procurement in the public sector is widely held to have the potential to influence other organisations and individuals to also procure sustainably. We wish to review and evaluate the evidence for this and in particular, the hypothesis that workplace purchasing practices (with a focus on the public sector) can influence behaviour at home. We would expect the study to draw from a broad range of academic literature, together with analysis of a sample of case study organisations and if necessary, market research.
Project Documents
• Final Report : EV02011 Final Report   (2477k)
• Final Report - Annex : EV02011 Annex A   (1912k)
• Other : EV02011 External Review Statement   (127k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2006

Cost: £106,725
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Environmental Resources Management - London
Sustainable Consumption and Production              
Sustainable Development              
Sustainable Procurement              
Fields of Study
Sustainable Consumption and Production