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Improvement to waste modelling capacity and continuing the development of the LAWRRD model ahead of SR06 - EP01021

This project aimed to agree new functionality for, and formulate a functional specification for,the development of the LAWRRD model for Defra.

This outline functional specification will state what the model is meant to do, but will not define in detail the approach that must be used to achieve the outcome. A specification will be prepared for:

a) converting the existing functionality,

b) adding the new functionality and c) developing input data requirement

The deliverables from the work were:
1. In discussion with Defra officials, prepare an agenda for a one-day
workshop to agree functionality for LAWRRD.
2. Participate in the workshop hosted by Defra.
3. Produce a summary report of the workshop (including
recommendations, an action plan, proposed functionality, and data
requirements), within 2 weeks of the workshop.
4. Meet with Defra officials to agree the way forward in the light of our conclusions and recommendations for the workshop. AEA Technology to minute and produce action points.
5. Prepare an outline functional specification for the upgraded LAWRRD model, by end of the financial year (specification for converting existing functionality and new functionality to be done by 31st March).

These deliverables were all achieved.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2006

Cost: £18,550
Contractor / Funded Organisations
AEA Technology
Environmental Protection              
Waste Management