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Food Knowledge Transfer Network - FT0353

This pproject addresses the need to stimulate a higher technology industry, create higher value jobs, leading to a sustainable customer focused industry which generates more GDP per employee via the mechanism of a Knowledge Transfer Network.
Continuing Faraday Objectives

1. To migrate the Faraday and create the KTN structure with minimal disruption to existing FPFP Ltd. activities

2. To create a virtual enterprise of RTOs and universities, recognised by the food processing industry and the supply chain, as the first point of contact for knowledge, expertise and support in food processing where it affects manufacturing efficiency, and nutrient bioavailability, capable of delivering national excellence at a regional level

3. To create a vibrant partnership between industry, technology and the science base that encourages the flow of people, knowledge and experience, with the common aim of delivering improved performance

4. To engage industry in new collaborative cost and risk sharing applied R&D projects, to deliver new products and process equipment, enhancing technological capability

5. To enhance the scientific knowledge and industry contacts of post graduate students by implementing a core research programme that develops underpinning materials and process knowledge applicable to food manufacture

6. To promote uptake of relevant post graduate training

KTN objectives broadening the remit of the Faraday

7. To demonstrate extensive collaborative research between RAs for the ultimate benefit of the food industry

8 To generate technology transfer from within and beyond the Food Industry

9 To provide UK businesses with the opportunity to meet and network in the UK and internationally

10 To encourage knowledge transfer between solution providers and problem owners for the benefit of competitive advantage in UK Food processing

11 To attract and optimize the use of funding sources, through application of market analysis tools such as technology road mapping

12 To contribute to a financially sustainable business capable of continued viability.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2009

Cost: £1,395,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Food Processing Faraday Partnership
Food and Drink              
Food Hygiene              
Food Industry Sustainability Strategy              
Food Ingredients              
Food manufacturing industry              
Food Processing Sciences              
Food Quality              
Food Safety              
Manufacturing Efficiency              
Sustainable Development              
Sustainable Farming and Food              
Technology Transfer              
Fields of Study
Resource Efficient and Resilient Food Chain