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Provision of advice, data and support to Defra in relation to review of the NVZ Action Programme. (Maureen 1) - WT0711NVZ

The objective of this project is to provide Defra with evidence to underpin their ongoing review of the Defra NVZ Action Programme for England and Wales. The project is a continuation building on an initial review of evidence and options.

This work addresses specific issues as they arise during discussions between Defra, stakeholders and the European Commission. A combination of agri-environmental data from the UK, scientific evidence, analysis,and modelling will be used to advise on each issue, and ad hoc advice or attendance at meetings will be provided to the customer as required.
The overall objective of the project is to provide technical support to Defra in relation to revision of the NVZ Action Programme and preparation of related documents.

Given that the review of the action programme is ongoing, the exact nature of the work cannot be defined in full detail at the outset. The technical evidence and advice will relate to the effects of agricultural practice on nitrate leaching and, as required, other forms of pollution; impacts of proposed measures on farms; and statistics relating to UK agriculture. The work required will be preparation of written evidence, editing of papers, and discussion.


1. Evidence for technical papers to present to the Commission following 10th September 2005 meeting. 22 Nov 2005.

2. Evidence to respond to Commission questions arising from 16th December 2005 meeting. 27 Jan 2006.

3. Evidence for maximum N standards for crop recommendations which require amendment from RB209 values. 31 Mar 2006.

4. Prepare evidence for refining measures and exceptions following the outcome of formal consultation on proposals for the revised Action Programme. 15 Jun 2006

5. Revise and update former NIT 46 contract report. 15 Jul 2006

6. Prepare evidence and report on impacts of revised Action Programme measures on the environment (N, P, Ammonia) for the partial RIA. 30 Jun 2006.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2007

Cost: £140,623
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Environmental Protection              
Water Quality              
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