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Impact of Intermittent Discharges on the Microbial Quality of Shellfish (Part 2) (Joe 1) - WT0708BWD

This project will quantify the impacts of intermittent discharges of sewage effluent discharged by overflows from the sewerage system in shellfish flesh quality. It will undertake a series of tank experiments and field data acquisition trials to underpin appropriate regulation and management of intermittent discharges impacting on shellfisheries.
Objective 1 - Protocol Design and Study Site Selection

Develop and experimental protocol to facilitate definition of the likely impact of episodic 'event' conditions such as rainfall driven high flows and/or infrastructure breakdown, e.g. overflows from a pumping station, CSOs and SSOs. With the Project Steering Group, we will consider candidate sites and select the three test sites for study.

Objective 2 – Feasibility Study

Deployment of a field laboratory with professional microbiologists and laboratory equipment, plus a professionally supervised team of samplers with facilities for acquisition of samples from rivers and sewage effluent, (i.e. effluent and storm overflow locations). Run the tank microcosm experiments to provide laboratory-based data to support the field empirical data acquisition. Data storage and analysis.

Objective 3 – Final Report

Submission of a final report capturing all data, results and analysis from the project.

Objective 4 – Technology Transfer Workshop

A technology transfer workshop will disseminate the findings to key professionals in the relevant agencies to facilitate rapid adoption and acceptance of any amended regulatory regime.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part1   (5847k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part2   (8490k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part3   (7057k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part4   (7942k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part5   (7452k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part6   (8829k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part7   (8867k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0708 Final report Part8   (7452k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2006

Cost: £110,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
CREH Analytical Ltd
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Fields of Study
Water Quality