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Economic Evaluation of the Action Plan for Farming - ER02003

The Action Plan for Farming, supported by £200 million, was launched on 30 March 2000. The Plan comprised over 60 measures/commitments. Some of these provided short term financial relief for the sector. Others provided longerterm support for business restructuring, rural development and diversification, improving food chain efficiency, developing new skills, including Information Technology and Communication (ITC), and minimising the cost and bureaucratic burden on farmers, while achieving environmental and consumer safety objectives. The aim of the Plan was to chart a way forward for the industry, against a background of substantial fails in farm incomes, and to help farmers find new and better ways to make their businesses more resilient, modern, efficient and responsive.

The evaluation will draw upon the results of preceding evaluations and other available evidence to assess the effectiveness of the Action Plan for Farming (APfF) in meeting its objectives in relation to England. These include facilitating business restructuring, promoting rural development and diversification and action to reduce the costs and bureaucratic burdens faced by farmers.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Economic Evaluation of the Action Plan for Farming   (675k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2004

Cost: £39,975
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Imperial College Consultants Ltd
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