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Provision of ongoing support to PSD for issues related to regulatory use of the HardSPEC model - PS2221

The main objective of this proposal is to provide on-going support, advice and training to staff of the Pesticide Safety Directorate who are dealing with regulatory submissions based on results from the HardSPEC model for calculating first tier PEC’s in surface and groundwater resulting from herbicide use in Hard Surface environments and to provide them with a framework for discussion and feedback on use of the model by Industry.
Since April 2004 the HardSPEC model has been approved for providing environmental exposure data to support UK regulatory submissions. The model is the first of its kind to be used for this purpose and, as none of the potential users have any experience of it, there is a need for the developers at Cranfield University’s National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI) and the Central Science Laboratory to provide support and advice in its use. Such support is likely to be required over at least the next few years. In addition, the topic of herbicide fate in hard surface environments is very new and, although data has been generated from a number of studies carried out to assist model development, there is still considerable uncertainty about the processes involved. In order to take into account these uncertainties, the model includes a number of ‘worst-case’ assumptions, both in the scenarios that drive the model and in the dissipation mechanisms incorporated. It is thus very much a model for use in ‘first tier’ risk assessments. As such, where the model generates PEC’s that result in regulatory end-points that are not acceptable within the context of the relevant end-point, there will inevitably be questions about how to refine the PEC calculations using ‘higher-tier’ methods. Such methods do not exist at present and provision needs to be made for their development within a controlled framework that involves dialogue and agreement between Regulators, Industry and model developers and that can respond to new information and priority issues as they arise.
The proposed project has the following main objectives:
1. Provision of an on-line HardSPEC support service to staff of the Pesticide Safety Directorate.
2. Organisation of an annual seminar to train users of the model and to update users on model developments.
3. Development of methods to extend the use of HardSPEC 1.1, in consultation with staff of the Pesticide Safety Directorate.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Provision of ongoing support to PSD for issues related to regulatory use of the HardSPEC model   (477k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2008

Cost: £77,970
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Cranfield
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Herbicide use              
Pesticide use              
Water Pollution              
Fields of Study
Pesticide Safety