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Realising The Potential Of Spent Biolubricants As Concrete Release Agents - NF0611

The main objective of this project is to demonstrate the practical re-use and relative economic and environmental benefits of re-using spent biolubricants from the automotive engine manufacturing industry as effective mould release agents in the pre-cast concrete production industry. The project is targeted at specific barriers in the supply chain which will assist the expanded use of biolubricants in the United Kingdom. As such, the project will make an important contribution to the development of the emerging biomaterials industry in the United Kingdom. It will address significant practical issues of sustainability in terms of renewable resource promotion and the avoidance of waste disposal through landfilling. It is intended that the results will be used directly by the major stakeholders in the biolubricant, automotive engine and pre-cast concrete manufacturing industry.
1.Establish the wider nature and precise magnitude of the current use, re-use, treatment and disposal of mineral oil-based emulsions by manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom, and to assess the economic, social, resource and environmental implications.

2.Determine the actual availability of biolubricants in the United Kingdom, and investigate their potential re-use in relation to economic costs and environmental regulations.

3.Identify and model sources and streams of spent biolubricants for re-use, especially in relation to their application as concrete mould release agents.

4.Evaluate the practical re-use of spent biolubricants as concrete mould release agents, and establish economic costs and health and safety implications in comparison with the existing re-use of spent mineral oil-based emulsions.

5.Assess the social, resource and environmental implications of biolubricant production, initial use and re-use, and compare results with those for current mineral oil-based emulsions.

6.Outline a business strategy for the introduction and expansion of the use and re-use of relevant biolubricants in the United Kingdom.

7.Report and disseminate the results of this research to all appropriate stakeholders in this supply chain in the United Kingdom.
Project Documents
• Final Report : NF0611 - Final Report   (191k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2006

Cost: £34,717
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Q.A Precast, Houghton Plc, North Energy Associates Ltd
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