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Design of a targeted mitigation system for transport of pesticides in drainflow in the UK - PS2218

The aim of the proposed research is to provide the scientific basis for mitigation differentiated by soil type to reduce pesticide transport to surface waters in drainflow. Analysis of literature information will be used to design experiments to quantify in a standardised way the vulnerability of UK arable soils to pesticide transport to drains. A risk assessment scheme will be designed, coded and verified. Modelling for example catchments will demonstrate the potential impact of different mitigation strategies on pesticide concentrations in surface water. Output will support PS22 Policy Objective (b) “to identify the sources and dispersal mechanisms of agricultural pesticide pollution, and to develop strategies that will reduce contamination to below acceptable limits” and the broad programme of work on Leaching Minimisation.
1. Use field data to elucidate controlling factors for the leaching of different pesticides in different soils;
2. Directly compare leaching of a range of pesticides through contrasting UK topsoils;
3. Derive an assessment scheme to quantify transport to drains in different soil types;
4. Validate the scheme against existing field leaching data;
5. Illustrate for example catchments the reduction in diffuse pollution expected to arise from differentiated mitigation strategies.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Design of a targeted mitigation system for transport of pesticides in drainflow in the UK   (623k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2008

Cost: £264,257
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Central Science Laboratory
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