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Assessment of wheat blossom midge risk and exploitation of resistant and tolerant varieties - LK0969

The current “Integrated control of wheat blossom midge” LINK project (LK0924) exceeded original expectations by identifying true resistance and several sources of tolerance within elite UK plant breeding lines as well as developing pheromone traps with the potential to identify fields at risk. This resistant material is currently restricted to feed wheat varieties and will not be fully available in the short-term due to the need to scale up stocks. To satisfy demand, particularly for higher quality market requirements, tolerant and susceptible varieties will still be the necessary choice of many farmers. Orange wheat blossom midge (wbm), causing widespread damage and much insecticide use in 2004, continues to be a major and repeated threat, although risks vary between season, locality and individual crop. A longer term breeding goal to introduce resistance into milling wheat varieties can be built on the initial segregation studies that suggested that three different resistance genes are present within these lines, supported by the identification of the chromosomes carrying resistance from each gene and the development of appropriate genetic markers.
To characterise the biotic, abiotic and landscape factors influencing movement and egg laying of female wbm so as to identify the number and disposition of pheromone traps needed to estimate crop risk on a farm scale.

Develop a greater understanding of the genetics of resistance/tolerance and its biochemical basis.

Prioritisation of needs for and timing of insecticide treatment taking into account wbm risk and varietal tolerance.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2008

Cost: £238,181
Contractor / Funded Organisations
John Innes Centre (BBSRC), Rothamsted Research (BBSRC), The Arable Group, ADAS UK Ltd., Nickerson UK Ltd, Home Grown Cereals Authority, Dow Agrosciences Ltd, Elsoms Seeds Ltd, Advanta Seeds UK Ltd, AgriSense BSC Ltd
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