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BBSRC Government Partnership Awards - agri food - SD0417

BBSRC Agri-Food Committee Government Partnership Awards

May 2004 Agri-Food round

1. BB/C504486/1 (Donal Murphy-Bokern) - A BBSRC contribution to the international IGROW initiative: a protocol for systematically generating wheat mutants. Dr G Moore, JIC.

2. BB/C506072/1 & BB/C506221/1 (David Garwes) - Regulation of expression of pig hepatic cytochrome P4502E & 3-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase - physiological candidate genes for boar taint. Dr O Doran, University of Bristol and Prof AL Archibald

3. BB/C504919/1 & BB/C505059/1 (Peter Costigan) - The link between soil microbial biomass phosphorous & movement of phosphorous to watercourses. Dr P Haygarth, IGER and Dr PC Brookes.

4. BB/C506813/1 (Peter Costigan) - Towards a general method to `scale up` process models in the arable landscape. Dr R Lark, SRI.

5. BB/C507129/1 & BB/C506221/1 (John Lock) - Marine biodiversity and agriculture: Integrating metabolomics and traditional assessments of ecosystem health. Prof R Seed, UoW, Bangor and Dr B Reynolds.

6. BB/C500852/1 & BB/C500936/1 (Peter Stevenson) - Dynamics of colonisation of chickens by campylobacter jejuni. Prof D Maskell, University of Cambridge and Dr MA Jones, IAH.

Nov 2004 Agri-Food round

7. BB/C514066/1 (Donal Murphy-Bokern) - An integrative transcriptome and metabolic profiling study of resource mobilisation in wheat. Dr MJ Hawkesford, RRes.

June 2005 Agri-Food round

8. BB/D523386/1 (Christina Goodacre) - The importance of interfacial and bulk effects in cleaning food process plant. Professor Peter J Fryer, University of Birmingham.

9. BB/D000866/1 & BB/D00019X/1 (Peter Stevenson) - Dissection of protective responses to heterologous Campylobacter vaccines. Dr Michael A Jones, IAH and Professor Duncan Maskell, University of Cambridge.

10. BB/D001749/1 (Emma Hennessey) - An effective basis for control of potato cyst nematodes and assessment of the impact on soil health. Dr Peter Unwin, University of Leeds.

11. BB/D00103X/1 (Emma Hennessey) - Identification of genes that underlie a major QTL for tomato fruit texture. Dr Graham Seymour, University of Warwick.

June 05 Agri-Food - late confirmations
12. BB/D002273/1 (Christina Goodacre) - Engineering the lipid emulsion interface to regulate lipolysis. Dr Peter Wilde, IFR

13. BB/D00098X/1 (Emma Hennessey) - Cell wall microstructure and plant cell separation. Dr John Knox, University of Leeds.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2009

Cost: £811,000
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