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A qualitative risk assessment of the introduction and establishment of Bluetongue virus in UK live stock - MP0175

Blutongue )BT) is an infectious viral disease of ruminants that is notifiable in the UK. Although there have been outbreaks in Europe in recent years, the UK has so far remained free from disease.

The Office International des Epizooties (OIE) have proposed changes to the animal health code, which could affect the risk of BT entering the UK and becoming established in UK livestock. Work undertaken by Sabirovic (2004) suggest that the proposed OIE changes could significantly increase the risk of BT virus introduction and establishment in BT free countries such as the UK.

In order to inform on the risk of the proposed changes in detail, Defra have requested that an urgent qualitative risk assessment (RA) be carried out to assess the change in the risk level of BT to UK livestock through legal trade due to the proposed change in OIE recommendations. The urgency of this will preclude a baseline risk assessment of the risks under the current system; rather a comparison of estimated risk from the current system and proposed changes will be made.

If possible from the information gathered for the comparative RA, VLA will advise Defra on whether sufficient information exists to undertake a meaningful quantitative assessment of the risk from BT virus. Following completion of the comparitive qualitative RA, if required a further project could then be set up as appropriate to undertake a full (baseline) qualitative RA, or a quantitative RA (QRA).
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2004

Cost: £15,617
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Veterinary Laboratories Agency
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