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Contaminated Dredged Marine Sediments: Developing a Management Framework - ME1104

Key Customer Purpose
To assist in the development of a UK Strategy for the Management of Contaminated Dredged Material.

Summary Objectives
To establish the scale of the problem of contaminated sediments in UK harbours and the cost of clear up.

Task: Assessment of areas facing difficulty with Contaminated Dredged Material (CDM), the quantities and contamination involved, the cost to industry and environment of CDM remaining in situ (economic and environmental context), cost of disposal, cost of implementing a pollution prevention plan (ppp) and educational campaign.

To assess the current state of the industry of managing contaminated dredged material and collate case studies of best practice.

Task: Identify best practice within the principles of sustainable development. – guidance and assessment

To validate the use of e-clays to lock TBT contamination into sediments.
Project Documents
• Final Report : ME1104: Final Report Research and support for developing a UK strategy for managing contaminated sediments: An analysis of project findings   (2512k)
• Technical Report : ME1104: Task 2: Exploring Liability and the Polluter Pays Principle   (565k)
• Technical Report : ME1104: Task 3: Exisiting legislation, guidance, protocols and regulatory barriers   (616k)
• Technical Report : ME1104: Task 4: Establishing best practice for the prevention of pollution arising from Contaminated Marine Sediments   (677k)
• Technical Report : ME1104: Task 5: Establishing best practice for current disposal and treatment options for Contaminated Dredged Marine Sediments   (5475k)
• Technical Report : ME1104: Task 6: Identify relevant marine sediment research and development relevant to the management of contaminated marine sediments   (375k)
• Two Page Summary : ME1104 Two page summary Research and Support for Developing a UK Strategy for Managing Contaminated Sediments   (266k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2010

Cost: £317,791
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Partrac Ltd
Environmental Protection              
Marine Impacts              
Marine Sediments              
Water Pollution              
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine