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Updating an Estimate of the Sources of Nitrogen to UK Waters - phase 1 - WT03015


Defra wish to determine the feasibility of updating the UK estimate of the contribution of various sources of pollution to nitrogen loads in UK freshwaters. A report is required to determine if sufficient information is available to allow an update the figure first quoted by the Royal Society in 1983. This figure was based on 1978 estimates of agricultural and STW inputs. Given the changes in the total nitrogen contribution from STW during the AMP3 period, it is particularly important that we update our estimates of the apportionment of nitrogen to its major sources. Such an estimate will provide Defra with a firmer basis for determining issues such as the requirement for controls on diffuse pollution from agriculture and will answer public criticisms as to the relevance and accuracy of the estimate 20 years on.

Project Documents
• Executive Summary : Updating an estimate of the source apportionment of nitrogen to waters in England and Wales - Phase 1   (36k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2003

Cost: £2,832
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Water Research Centre
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