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EA Fuel Analysis-SCLF (Order No. CPEA 11) - AQ01504


SPU 41

EA Fuel Analysis – SCLF

The purpose of this project is to produce reports to the European Commission detailing UK compliance with Council Directive 1999/32/Ec of 26 April 19999 relating to a reduction in the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels. The objectives of the work are to :
1. Establish and maintain a comprehensive list of users of the different categories of fuels that have to be tested under the Directive
2. Each year to select a statistically relevant sample of fuel users from the list
3. manage the collection of representative samples of the fuel used and to determine the sulphur content using techniques as described in the directive.
4. produce reports to the European Commission illustrating the UK position with regard to compliance with the Directive.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2006

Cost: £62,998
Contractor / Funded Organisations
British Standards Institution
Air Pollution              
Environmental Protection              
Fields of Study
Air Quality