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Literature review of decontamination processes - SE4001

The aims of this project are to review and assess a range of decontamination treatments effective against exotic viral infections on farm premises which are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. The scope of the project will include improved cleaning processes, non-chemical disinfection, (e.g. thermal methods and ultra violet irradiation), containment techniques and better implementation procedures. The work will include the following specific tasks: · Review and 3-way categorisation of current and potential methods of decontamination. Categories will be: (i) unsuitable; (ii) limited potential; and (iii) potentially suitable for a wide range of farm uses.· Review of current methods for cleaning contaminated farms, including consultations with key personnel involved in decontamination following the 2001 FMDV outbreak.· Review of current protocols for testing the effectiveness of decontamination.· Review of the role of disinfection in decontaminating sites, including data on available chemical disinfectants, for example, pH, and inactivation activity.· Identification and review of mathematical techniques that can aid subsequent experimental investigations.· Compilation of a review report. This work represents part of a larger work programme which was proposed to Defra in June 2003, in response to Open Competition: CTA0301b: Decontamination. In itself, this review will not meet all of the objectives of the previous call, but it is an essential step to facilitate the subsequent experimental investigations necessary to fulfil those objectives.
01 Review of farm-scale decontamination (31/07/2004, Month 06) This critical literature review will collate and assess information concerning: potential methods of decontamination, relevant aspects of FMDV and SVDV virology, decontamination assessment methods, the importance of decontamination, and the role of risk assessment in determining the efficiency of decontamination treatments.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Prevention and control of animal diseases- review of decontamination techniques   (624k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2004

Cost: £59,657
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Silsoe Research Institute (BBSRC)
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Animal Health              
Disease Prevention              
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Fields of Study
Animal Health