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Future environmental effects of non-synthetic chemical use - SD0312

Non-synthetic chemicals can enter the environment through a range of different routes e.g.; following application to crops or livestock for pest and disease control or excretion (both human and animal). Many non-synthetic chemicals, including alternative pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary), crop protection products and biocides, have not undergone a standard risk assessment to current protocols. Therefore there is uncertainty over the possible threat to human and environmental health. This project aims to undertake a “high level” risk analysis by:
·Identifying those non-synthetic substances that could potentially pose a hazard to the environment, through intended use, careless disposal, due to their biological activity or persistence and rank these in terms of potential risk.
·Identifying future scenarios based on both incremental changes in usage and radical replacement synthetic chemicals for the use of chemicals classified as priority.
·Identifying possible management or legislative responses to risks
·Identifying data gaps and areas for further investigation.
The identification of priority non-synthetic chemicals will be achieved through
·Review of published literature,
·Discussions with groups such as the Research Council for Complementary Medicine, “Forum for the Future” and the Soil Association
·Additional sources, such as grey literature and industry contacts
·Predictive modelling
·A review of the current legislation to determine possible issues and gaps. The priority chemicals identified will be assessed both against possible management options to reduce risk and the regulatory framework under which non-synthetic chemical use is controlled. The scope for further refinement of both risk assessment and risk management measures will be reviewed. The results will be presented to a range of stakeholders at a workshop with the primary aim of identifying and prioritising requirements to fill the knowledge gaps.Defra’s support is appropriate as the proposal aims to identify future environmental effects (both positive and negative) of non-synthetic chemicals based on a range of scenarios in replacement of synthetic chemicals. The results will be published via the web (subject to approval) and submitted for peer review publication
Project Documents
• Final Report : Future Environmental Effects of Non-Synthetic Chemical Use   (1675k)
• Final Report - Annex : Future Environmental Effects of Non-Synthetic Chemical Use - Appendices   (5556k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2004

Cost: £48,260
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Central Science Laboratory
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Economic Research