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WFD River Basin Characterisation: Information to improve baseline risk assessment - WT03012

Assessments of trends in activities in the absence of the Water Framework Directive Programme of Measures (business as usual) and the evolution of policies (policy baseline) is an essential step in preparing the economic analysis, both for cost-effectiveness analysis and disproportionate cost assessment. As a first step therefore, such information will be needed within the preliminary cost-effectiveness analysis (pCEA) planned for mid 2006. The information is also relevant to the development of national measures which might need to be brought forward for the first Programme of Measures. Information on trends and the policy baseline will fee into the risk assessments. The risk assessments prepared for the initial river basin characterisation (rbc1) generally did not include information describing how pressures impacting upon water bodies might change between now and 2015 as a result of policies/activities/pressures already in place. Future assessments (rbc2) will be able to include such trend information to provide a more realistic scenario of the baseline for 2015.

Project Documents
• Final Report : Development of Methods for Pollution Source Tracking- Consolidated Literature Review   (4584k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2006

To: 2006

Cost: £53,190
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WRc plc
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