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Incidence and epidemiology of strawberry crinkle disease - HH3229SSF

The aim of this project is to determine the incidence and epidemiology of strawberry crinkle disease within the UK. Strawberry crinkle disease is one of the most damaging viral diseases of strawberry in the UK, resulting in a reduction in both yield and fruit quality. Cultivars vary in sensitivity, with established cultivars such as Elsanta, and newer cultivars such as Alice and Symphony known to be susceptible. Although most commonly associated with strawberry crinkle virus (SCV), particularly severe problems may occur in mixed infections with strawberry mottle virus (SmoV) or strawberry mild yellow edge (SMYEV), when losses of up to 80% may result. A need for rapid and reliable diagnosis to replace inefficient graft testing of material led to recent development of molecular detection techniques for all three viruses. However, these have yet to be applied to studies of epidemiology of the viruses. The relationship between symptoms and viral agents (i.e. do plants containing SCV and SCV plus other viruses exhibit different symptoms), and the extent to which single/multiple infections are occurring will be examined. The incidence of SCV will be assessed in nurseries and field conditions, as well as its spread. In the UK, SCV is vectored by the aphid host Chaetosiphon fragaefolii, and this research will focus on understanding the importance of aphid acquisition and transmission periods in relation to environmental factors. The information generated from these approaches will lead to a much better understanding of causes of disease symptoms, and epidemiology. As a result, growers will obtain better understanding of disease recognition and control, and opportunities for reducing disease may be exploited through accurate and rapid diagnostic procedures, testing of nursery stock, and understanding of when aphicidal applications are necessary. The work is relevant to DEFRA policy on sustainable crop production, through improved understanding of crop interactions with pests and diseases.
1. To determine the extent to which viruses other than SCV contribute to strawberry crinkle disease, and to determine symptom differences resulting from this.2. To gain information on the incidence of SCV within the UK.3. To investigate the role of aphids in spread of disease, and factors that may influence this.4. To understand the spread of SCV in terms of the importance of both nursery plants and field production. 5. To effectively transfer results arising to the UK strawberry industry, and the wider scientific community
Project Documents
• Final Report : Incidence and epidemiology of strawberry crinkle disease   (1023k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2008

Cost: £414,630
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East Malling Research
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