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Validation of disease models in the PASSWORD integrated decision support system for pests and diseases of oilseed rape - LK0944

This aim of phase 2 of the project is to develop an improved DSS for disease management in oilseed rape by testing disease models developed in PASSWORD using data from both Defra disease surveys and new industry-funded projects.

Scientific objective(s)
1. To test regional disease forecast models for phoma stem canker incidence and severity.
2. To produce regional disease forecasts for light leaf spot and stem canker in 2004 and 2005.
3. To test the predictive model for onset of phoma leaf spot in the autumn at individual crop and county scales.
4. To test crop specific models for phoma canker severity and yield loss.
5. To test the crop specific model for light leaf spot development in relation to weather factors.
6. To incorporate new data comparing different fungicides into the DSS.
7. To evaluate crop management practices in relation to cultivar resistance and fungicide use.
8. To ensure that the improved DSS is made available for comprehensive testing by the Industry at the end of the project.

Interdependence of objectives
Objective 7 is dependent upon completion of objectives 1-6. Other objectives will depend on data coming from the same crop, but are not otherwise inter-dependent.

Chances of achieving objectives
There is a high probability of achieving the objectives, which will be achieved by utilising existing data available to the consortium and new data from a wide range of crops and sources. Models have been developed with data from different sites and years, but model tests may not be satisfactory if unusual or extreme weather conditions are encountered. The participants have a proven record in delivery of research objectives, modelling disease progress and development of forecasting systems, together with broad expertise in research on oilseed rape and other arable crops.

Factors, specific to the project, which might delay achieving the objective(s)
Testing of the DSS will require natural disease epidemics and these are dependent on weather and biological factors, which may influence the outcome.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2005

Cost: £30,022
Contractor / Funded Organisations
ProCam Group Ltd, ADAS UK Ltd., Syngenta Crop Protection UK Ltd, Central Science Laboratory, Home Grown Cereals Authority, University - Scottish Agricultural College, Du Pont (UK) Ltd, Rothamsted Research (BBSRC)
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