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Evaluate the Health Potential of Fruit & Vegetable Snack Products (EFH 11) - FT0902

Despite the growing recognition of the important part fruit and vegetables can play in helping prevent a number of diseases, health and nutrition experts are concerned about the low consumption of fruits and vegetables in the UK. The principal aim of this project is to improve consumer dietary consumption of fruit and vegetables by developing novel snack foods based on the fruit and vegetable materials using extrusion processing.
Project Documents
• Abstract : EFH 11 Completed Abstract   (19k)
• Abstract : No final report   (26k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2005

Cost: £163,342
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Nottingham, Marketing Innovation Ltd, Orchard House Foods Ltd, Cerestar UK Ltd, Richard Whittaker Ltd, University - Manchester Metropolitan, James B Brown (M/C) Ltd, Snack Factory Ltd, The, Chat Moss Herbs, British Nutrition Foundation, Smiths Flour Mills
Food and Drink              
Food Ingredients              
Food manufacturing industry              
Health Effects              
Healthy Eating              
Fields of Study
Resource Efficient and Resilient Food Chain