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Computerised models for use in integrated parasite control strategies designed to optimise anthelmintic usage - OD0542

· Parasitic helminths cause ill thrift, loss of production and death in ruminants and are a major welfare concern on cattle and sheep enterprises. The epidemiology on these diseases continues to evolve in response to changes in patterns of drug usage and the development of drug resistance. Changes in climate, land usage and husbandry methods further compound the situation. · Resistant nematodes in sheep and goats have been reported and are widespread now throughout the world. In the UK the situation, whilst not as severe as other parts of the world, continues to worsen. To counter the development of resistance, control measures have been devised and recommended. Work has progressed on a computer model for predicting the rate of development of resistance in sheep nematodes. Further development and model validation is required from on-farm studies to produce a model to provide support in the development of strategies for the control of PGE, particularly in sheep. A forecasting system for live fluke disease (fasciolosis) was developed and in operation more than a decade ago. Model parameters for this system will be developed for use alongside the nematode model. · The aim of the project is the development of a user-friendly computerised model for use in the design of integrated control strategies for PGE and liver fluke disease primarily in sheep. Such an approach as well minimising the development of anthelmintic resisitance, should also help reduce the exposure of animals and the environment to chemicals and has the potential for use in other host animals.
01. Development of computer model to integrated parasite control strategies 02. Longitudinal field based study to provide support data for model validation
03. Training and Education.
04. Publications and Presentations
Project Documents
• Final Report : Computerised models for use in integrated parasite control strategies designed to optimise anthelmintic usage   (314k)
• Final Report : OD0542_Final report_SID5   (314k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2006

Cost: £489,974
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Central Science Laboratory
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Animal Health