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Age determination of populations of the horse mussel from the East Coast of England (Completed 11/92) - AE0209

R&D Summary Objectives:- Determine the age of archived samples of horse mussel shells, which have been collected by Burnham over a period of seven years, and so facilitate the interpretation of the contaminant trends seen in these bivalve molluscs Key customer purpose:- The successful application of this ageing technique will be valuble in MAFF's long-term study of environmental contamination gradients.
a) To estimate the age of archived samples of horse mussel shells from animals for which individual body burdens of a range of contaminants are available over a seven-year period. This will offer a rare opportunity to resolve any size/age interaction with levels of contaminants in the body tissues. b) To provide an accurate picture of the age distributions of horse mussels in the Humber/Wash area and hence their potential value as long term integrators of environmental contamination. c) To compare the age and growth of populations located close to and some distance from known contaminant sources. This will also allow comparisons to be made between the age structure and growth of east coast populations with those from elsewhere for which published data are available.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1992

Cost: £18,630
Contractor / Funded Organisations
UCNW, Ocean Sciences
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine