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Collation and analysis of data on genetic variation in Atlantic salmon from the British Isles (COMPLETED 3/93) - SF0103

R&D Summary Objectives:- Collate available data on genetic variation in salmon and analyse geographical patterns in gene frequences and the possible link with physical and chemical environmental parameters (eg river size, flow, conductivity). Key customer purpose:- Provide firm evidence of the importance of genetic variation in salmon for resource management and restocking policy purposes.
(a) Collation of all available data on genetic protein variation in Atlantic salmon from the British Isles. (b) Analysis of the distribution of genetic diversity within the Atlantic salmon in the British Isles, including tests of statistical significance of genetic heterogeneity among populations. (c) Description of geographical patterns in gene frequencies. Particular attention will be paid to evidence for the existence of different races of Atlantic salmon in Britain. (d) Define physical/chemical parameters (e.g. river size, flow, conductivity, etc.) which describe differences between rivers from which gene frequency data are available. Test for associations between these parameters and gene frequencies. (e) Comment on current Atlantic salmon fisheries management policy and practice in the light of knowledge acquired on the genetic population structure of the species. (f) Make database available on disc.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1992

Cost: £24,242
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Belfast Queens
Fields of Study
Freshwater Fisheries